Price • Size • Finish • Surface


Sessions begin at $225.00 and include your choice of 8×10, or 2 – 5×7′s of same image.
Minimum order: $500.00


Print prices range from as happy as $40 for a simple resin coated photographic print to as amazingly awesome at $1500.00 – that’s one very large very beautifully finished Mary Kissel watercolor giclee print.


There truly is something for everyone – it just depends on your investment desire.


‘An amazing image is an amazing image.  No matter the print process, finish or surface, a stunning image is made when my subject appears before my lens.  It is as simple as that.’  Mary Kissel

Mary Kissel works tirelessly with utmost respect for her craft and with a level of expertise honed through decades of professional work.  This is what she brings to every session whether you desire to spend $500.00 or $5000.00.  Every session is her opportunity to create for you portrayals of your family that will be held dear for generations.  Every time Mary Kissel picks up her camera she prays to reach exactly that photographic standard that was set by the true photographers from years gone by.


When an image is made with integrity in terms of light, composition and expression it will never wear out its welcome, look dated or be retired to a drawer or box.’  Mary Kissel

Print sizes range from — well, whatever you need.


Print finish describes what you want at the end of the day.  A digital capture can be finished in either traditional color printing, digitally manipulated color, true black and white, toned black and white, and then Mary Kissel’s  favorites – true sepia tones and custom oil, tinted by hand, images.   Yes, messy oil paint covers her work space as she expertly colorizes an image to its full potential of dreamy.   Images finished in this way carry a certain something that others do not – timeless yet very today all at once.  As a colleague described this Mary Kissel trademark work – so powerful, yet so beautifully soft and graceful.


Print surfaces vary from resin coated photographic prints to fine art giclee printing.  Giclee is the process – French word that translates — forced ink.  Giclee printing is the most sophisticated finest print process yet for photographs as well as reproductions of original painted pieces.  Mary Kissel’s choice for giclee output is onto watercolor paper, canvas and metal.  Rest assured, she will print on surfaces that she knows will stand the old Kodak 100 years test.   Mary Kissel prints only archival products.