About Mary


To render with light.

This defines Mary Kissel’s approach to image making.  She sees it, captures it, treasures it.  With an old school approach she has operated her studio in the Indianapolis area for more than 20 years.  Her style is natural and elegant – not new ‘digital’.  Mary is fanatical when it comes to light and exposure and insists that it happen “in the camera” not on a desktop later on.

Her fresh and creative spirit is felt in image after image from black and white to artistic hand tints.   Her manner puts her subjects at ease; their masks come off and she gets what they came for.  She will expose the true nature and her images tell all.  She is not trendy nor does she call her work ‘photo-journalistic’  though her captures do tell stories – real stories.

Mary sees to it that her images shake the room with your vibe long after you exit.  And beyond that, she shoots what she feels so that your photographs will keep watch for generations to come. Time and time again  her clients report that decades old images still grace their walls and will never be retired.  This is the amazing photographic standard that Mary Kissel prays daily to achieve because she knows that images will outlive their subjects if they are captured with gusto and authenticity.